Viral Video To Do List

The goal here is to get out the word on a company that specializes in laptops.

The question is how?

Should be simple but the conundrum I’ve run into is that viral videos aren’t a simple music video, cartoon or crazy stunt. They don’t need some guy going berserk in his office or asking his girlfriend to marry him in front of thousands of people.

It’s something else, something more the equation or recipe is more akin to a great piece of music than a great story.

Here’s what I’ve discovered… Continue reading


Swagger Wagon Rap

Meet the Sienna family, on the YouTube channel conveniently called Sienna.

I think Toyota is trying to tell us something here…

The Sienna family is more commonly known as “The Swagger Wagon people” as their exploits are well known to television audiences from the Toyota Sienna ads where they’re hilariously featured. My personal favorite is where the little girl is clueless that she’s washing the car because Daddy doesn’t really want to. I love how he goes over the car with a white gloved hand scouring it for dirt. My girlfriend’s favorite is the one where  “Mommy’s having a time-out. Continue reading

Interface and Pizza

The Problem:

Go to a pizza website. Any of them it doesn’t matter. When you go there what are you there for 99% of the time? Pizza delivery or pickup right? So why is it that pizza websites still cling to this idea of the gateway page to the actual content their audience is after? Now for a real nightmare course in website design, go to a local pizza delivering restaurant’s site. Welcome to the 1990’s, and that’s if your lucky. It’s a good thing the mystery meat used in the navigation of these pages doesn’t go into the product they’re selling. Continue reading

Apologies as I Rant.

Actors, singers, hosts, comedians, musicians & entertainers please, SHUT UP!

I do not, I repeat, do not care what side of the fence you sit on, left, right, or on the fence. I don’t care! I have my own political views but in no way am I interested in yours.

Here’s an interesting thought instead of all these millionaire entertainers getting on television and telling us to give to X foundation/cause/organization what would happen if they each took one of their million dollar payouts they receive and dumped it into whatever? Continue reading