The Low Down On DAO

What is Digital Asset Optimization and will it help my business make money?

As long as there is new techniques for things there will be new frightening words derived to strike fear and wonder in all those who hear them and don’t understand them. Digital Asset Optimization (DAO) can be viewed two ways. In one way it’s this new and exciting and potentially frightening form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where everything is cataloged. In the second, more blue-collar take on the subject it’s what you should have been doing all along.

DAO is what you need to be doing to make sure you have the maximum “find-ability” for any and all content for your site and if you’re actively engaged in it you will most certainly generate more traffic for yourself and convert for whatever it is your targeting. It’s about appearing in search results, it’s about appearing in image search results, it’s about appearing anywhere and everywhere you possibly can in a given scenario on the web.

We’re all librarians.

When you think about it we’re all librarians. We label, catalog and coordinate the information on our websites in a way that, hopefully, is the easiest to navigate to and find the information for our visitors. Now it’s 2011 don’t forget so our visitors aren’t just Suzie and Timmy looking around for something that piques their interest. Out scouting the informational wasteland ahead of us is a computerized version of Lewis and Clark, the search engine algorithms web crawling spiders. They’re not fully aware of the environment they navigate just yet so for the time being we have to tell them, “Hey this photo is a photo I took of a gift basket in South Carolina from Gift Baskets For All.”

In other words you should be using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) already. You should be doing, or you should have someone doing the following: monitor site traffic, identifies keywords, places keywords into site content, are you using trendy keywords in your blog posts? Does your webpage have anything other than the name of the website in the title bar all the way at the top of the browser? If no then you need to go back and reevaluate your SEO tactics before moving on any further.

The purpose being that when Suzie or Timmy types in “Myrtle beach” your image now has a chance of coming up in an image search, which potentially can lead to a visit to your site. The question you should be asking yourself about now is, “Should I be posting my images to sites like and my site?” Now you’re talking DAO. It’s more than just labeling the content on your site correctly so that search engines can find it. It’s making sure that you get it where it can be shared and making sure that it points back to you, like it should! Upload it to your site do all the tagging and meta tagging like you should for traditional SEO. Then, upload it to and tag it appropriately there.A gift basket representing a Digital Asset

What do I mean by that? Well when you label your “Gift Basket” image right now the alt text or even the file name may just be “Gift Basket”. This is incorrect; you should be more specific, use Fruit Gift Basket as a descriptor instead. Then when you post to you do all of these tags again in similar fashion, paying attention to keywords, but this time you make sure you link back to a targeted page on your site. Now the image has a purpose beyond it’s original intent. What once was just a useful image to draw attention to a product on your website can now do the same thing from across the Internet.


Social media icons for DAO

I can’t mention and not talk about social media and DAO. While SEO has been traditionally focused on getting your site to appear in a vertical search listing DAO is about getting it to the rest of the Web. Is “Gift Baskets For All” showing up when you do a Twitter search? How about a Facebook search or Youtube? DAO is the series of steps to ensure that happens.

What About Videos?

So it works for photos and it applies to social media, but what about videos? Does it apply there as well? The answer is yes. The same way that it applies to photos DAO can be applied to video content. By using targeted words and by providing as much information as possible you can optimize your videos on your site and on video sharing sites such as

The Down Low

Search engine optimization is evolving; it has to, because search engines are evolving. The Internet landscape is evolving, the people that use it are adapting to new technologies and trends, and they’re not searching in the ways they were just 3 years ago. Digital Asset Optimization is a way to address the information overload.

Without applying a filter to the information that is under fire hose levels of pressure your information the information you want to be found will fly right under the radar of anyone who might be looking for it.

Without creativity your ideas and concepts and plans will never see fruition. Without concise, targeted tagging of that creative content no one will ever see your ideas and concepts.

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