What I Like Most About My Degree

Matt Books LogoIt’s pretty amazing to think about the amount of career paths one human being can take. There are so many choices, things to consider, trials and errors. My own personal journey to the here and now has been varied. Ups and downs sideways paths I never thought I would take and yes, the occasional curve ball that would screw up all those well made plans. Here I am though evolved from a jovial filmmaker into a writer and marketer.

The great thing about marketing is how much it mirrors everything in life. There’s more than one way to market anything. It’s not always about television commercials or web site banner ads and I love all of the new ways to communicate from product to person without leaving people feeling like they got smacked in the face with a wet fish. I love how there’s something for everyone in this field. For the logic brains there’s the analytical side, the SEO, the metrics, the demographics, the polling. For the creative type there’s advertising, creative design, usability and it goes on and on for both sides.

The reason? Because we live in an evolving society. What’s useful and friendly today may not be so in a year. That newspaper that you grew up with, today isn’t so appealing for getting all the information about the world around you. Maybe you’ve even realized you’re not watching TV the same way anymore because you’ve found alternative methods that suit your lifestyle more. That is what Internet Marketing and marketing in general is. It’s an answer to the question of how do we reach out to people to tell them about what’s going on when they keep adopting new forms of entertainment and information gathering? Then how do we do that in a way where the people we’re trying to start a conversation with don’t feel like we’ve just interrupted them?

I love finding answers to these questions, I love monitoring technological and scientific trends and I love writing down new ideas for others to pick up, exam and process their own opinions on.


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