Macanites Landing Page

With Any Invasion, A Landing.

Where do people go when you entice them with a viral video? You can send them aimlessly back to your homepage but that really doesn’t complete the experience you set them up for with good content. One possibility is the landing page. While it’s been around for awhile and designers tire of them it is a great way to tie in your brand story with a call to action to close the deal and complete your goal for the campaign.

Something that’s easy to understand and still reverberates the story of your video with a clear call to action button to complete the experience and push the sale, sign up or registration, whatever is required to achieve your conversion goal.

The company Laptops For All doesn’t exist, but if they did calling out the clear competitor in the mobile device industry (Apple) would be key. By creating a multicultural caricature Apple suddenly becomes understandable by all through their cartoon representations that their agenda may not be your agenda.


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