Resist The Macanites!

The “Macanites” are here and they don’t really care what you want. They represent hundreds of years of evolution beyond what your

primitive brain is capable of perceiving. They have seen trends beyond trends and if you try to think outside of their design, they… will

come for you!

Along Came A Viral Video Assignment

The following video is a “what if” viral video for a fictional company specializing in laptops (Laptops For All). Its purpose is not for you to think this is the greatest thing ever and show it to all of your friends, though if you do feel inclined please feel free to turn me into viral video’s own personal Spielberg. It’s purpose is to show that a viral video can be used for any company whether it’s a fortune 500 or a mom and pop down the street. You can capitalize off of the net through a variety of ways and a viral video is an affordable way to get your brand out there and create interest based around it where there probably wasn’t before.

The story here is simple, the “Macanites” a fictional intelligence living in your Apple products are continuously talking down to you not letting you get a word in edgewise all the while thinking how they’re doing everything right for you. It connects itself to the brand story of Laptops For All because the company is all about freedom and expressing yourself through your technology, designing it the way you want from the inside out.

As far as other story telling methods go it would connect to a landing page on the fictional company’s website which is all about the “Macanites” trying to persuade you to do things their way and it would allow you to try to customize one of their computers.

It connects with the majority of the brand demographic, pyschographic  and cultural groups because it tries to poke fun at the current leader of the pack when it comes to trendy technology and it does so with comedy. So rather than jumping up on a pedestal and pointing the finger at its rival’s failings it takes a light hearted approach, something which all groups can relate to.

It’s interactive in that it invites you to go to a website and find out more information about Laptops For All. Which is what the video hints to at the end of it as it lays out the URL before it finishes.

This video is important for this client and for any other business because it shows that with minimal effort you can get your brand out there even if it’s to a niche group of individuals. That niche group could be a large revenue source to your company, isn’t that worth sticking your neck out for?

The Macanites are coming! The Macanites are coming!


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