Swagger Wagon Rap

Meet the Sienna family, on the YouTube channel conveniently called Sienna.

I think Toyota is trying to tell us something here…

The Sienna family is more commonly known as “The Swagger Wagon people” as their exploits are well known to television audiences from the Toyota Sienna ads where they’re hilariously featured. My personal favorite is where the little girl is clueless that she’s washing the car because Daddy doesn’t really want to. I love how he goes over the car with a white gloved hand scouring it for dirt. My girlfriend’s favorite is the one where  “Mommy’s having a time-out.” The point is this is a great ad campaign the commercials resonate with their audience, the content is “out of the box” and then there’s supplemental content online for more antics from those crazy Swagger Wagon people.

In this particular video the Swagger family is in full on rap video mode. “Where my mother-fathers at?!” or “Where my kids at?” followed by, “No seriously honey where are the kids?” Once I heard those lines I was hooked because that’s my family, we’re that kind of goofy. Watching the little girl folding her arms trying to look rough and tumble is awesome. Then she interrupts the song whispering, “Mommy I need to go potty.”  It’s great because while yes, it is a commercial, it’s also funny. What advertisers often neglect to think about is entertainment. I’ll remember the Toyota Sienna for much longer than I will some other company’s ad with a car driving on curvy roads and rain slicked highways.

Now “…cut the crust of the PB&J’s chill the You-Hoo’s!” and enjoy!


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