Dead Space 2 Inkblot

Visceral Games really wants me to buy Dead Space 2 and they just might have convinced me. I got a strange inkblot in the mailbox today and with it a strange note.

From: Dr. Samara Yasmin

Notes on patient 1544C, Session #18

1544C condition shows scant improvement

from previous assessment.


DELUSIONS: Subject vacillates between mourning

the deceased, believing She is in need of assistance

&/or has been assimilated & is one with the universe,

calling for his hand.

PARANOIA: Subject experiences frequent outbursts. Has

attacked staff & other patients.


Frantic sketching and etching of symbols identified as

related to Unitology.


Additional obsessive compulsive behavior documented

by staff includes the repetition of the following phrases:

  • Fractal heuristic replicating crystal
  • The nightmare is over but it will not end
  • Bismuth zirconate titauate
  • Twinkle twinkle little star
  • Sympathetic alpha wave attenuation

Prospects for Recovery Still Unknown.

So that’s the note and to that I must say very well done marketing team! Now for the good stuff the “inkblot” which has actually been seen before over at which you can seeĀ here. There’s another image in a follow post over there that looks like mine as well. Mine looks like a helmet with Necromorph bits sticking out of it (Necromorphs are Dead Space’s bad guys).

What’s difficult to see in this is the additional crazy alien script that’s done with sand and glue and glows in the dark!

You can kind of make it out there but the full glow in the dark effect is much cooler.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that each of these seem to be numbered.

All in all pretty neat to pull this out of the mail along with the other correspondence from businesses and organizations that want money from me. Good job Visceral Games!


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