Interface and Pizza

The Problem:

Go to a pizza website. Any of them it doesn’t matter. When you go there what are you there for 99% of the time? Pizza delivery or pickup right? So why is it that pizza websites still cling to this idea of the gateway page to the actual content their audience is after? Now for a real nightmare course in website design, go to a local pizza delivering restaurant’s site. Welcome to the 1990’s, and that’s if your lucky. It’s a good thing the mystery meat used in the navigation of these pages doesn’t go into the product they’re selling.

The New Idea:

What I would recommend for any pizza delivery service is to make the home page synonymous with the order page. As soon as a visitor arrives they should be able to start their order with as little click thru as possible. Instead of partner programs with Coca Cola and Pepsi being on the home page make the sale the homepage. In this case the pizza is the sale. A large banner page with the logo placed predominantly on the top with a large pizza square in the center for the visitor to start adding or removing toppings to. The simpler the process the more likely the conversion rate of sales will increase. Take advantage of your white space in the background and use some clever scripting to fly in the sides, to quote Jack Sparrow,  “at the opportune moment.” If you’re a restaurateur this is your chance to shoot out above the competition.

The Risk:

The risk involved in a strategy such as this is a potential loss of up sells and side orders if not executed properly, but if the goal is to get more sales the risk in this case is an acceptable one. To my knowledge this isn’t generally done, as most web pages tend to follow the general rule of a webpage being more of a gateway to the rest of the site rather than a one-stop shop. It’s bound to happen eventually. Someone will be ready to take a risk or the big players will beat everyone else to the punch and the small business owners will be left trying to capitalize off their left overs.



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