Apologies as I Rant.

Actors, singers, hosts, comedians, musicians & entertainers please, SHUT UP!

I do not, I repeat, do not care what side of the fence you sit on, left, right, or on the fence. I don’t care! I have my own political views but in no way am I interested in yours.

Here’s an interesting thought instead of all these millionaire entertainers getting on television and telling us to give to X foundation/cause/organization what would happen if they each took one of their million dollar payouts they receive and dumped it into whatever?

“Hey Darfur listen, I have enough to buy you a private army to fix everything but I think I’ll just rally the American public to your cause. Hope it all works out I’ll be on a nice safe beach somewhere in the Pacific.”

Do we really need our celebrities to tell us what’s going on in the world politically? I look to celebrities to entertain me I have a multitude of outlets to educate and inform me. It really shows the over sized ego of someone when they use their power and popularity over their fans for their own selfish agenda. Let me just say if it was a politician turned actor, singer, writer I wouldn’t have issue, well maybe I would because they’d probably be a little nuts. It’s when these people who we applaud for entertaining us suddenly think they know what’s best for us that I find myself a little north of irritated.

I don’t know about you all but I don’t buy movie tickets or download music from iTunes because I support the political agenda of the artist or artists.

I pose to you what happens when an artsy type becomes too powerful.


5 thoughts on “Apologies as I Rant.

  1. If you don’t try and convince people of your own beliefs nothing changes.

    If your going to tell anyone to shut up, then you have no right to say anything yourself. Not a single thing.

    If you expect to be allowed to spew your own political views, then you have no right to tell anyone to not do so.

    If you don’t wish to see a singer, or an entertainer, or any of these things saying politically, or socially relevant, what your basically asking for is them to shove your brain with idiocy. “I don’t wanna be entertained while learnin’. I wanna hear about stupid funny stuff. Give me that stuff.”

    Matt, if you don’t want to be entertained while learning, then go look at Carrot Top. He may not be funny in the slightest, but at least he’s shoveling the idiocy you seem to be picketing for.

    Nero? Yes Nero was insane but; Just because you can show that using a movie, doesn’t mean that you need to silence all entertainers.

    What do you want Actors, singers, hosts, comedians, musicians & entertainers to talk about exactly? Really it’s like your asking for them to talk about . . . Nothing. Your against these people’s freedom of speech? When your at your level your allowed to say whatever you want, but once your an artist, or anywhere in the public eye other then being a politician, OH NO, your not allowed to talk about anything relevant. You’ve got to entertain with everything irrelevant!

    Matt, please come up with a logical platform to stand on before you get on your soap box. You end up looking quite stupid. Just because you don’t want to hear them, doesn’t mean no one’s allowed to say them.

    • By saying that not convincing people of your personal beliefs nothing changes is akin to saying people are sheep and can’t think for themselves.

      No where did I state any of my personal political views.

      You can be entertained while learning, but learning does not constitute shoveling political or even religious opinion down someone else’s throat.

      Carrot Top at least has the decency to keep quiet about things that don’t relate to his relationship with the public.

      • That’s the thing. A lot of them can’t. I would rather they be taught to think for themselves, but in large part, most of them aren’t. Is that a good thing? No. But the truth isn’t always pleasant.

        So? Just because you didn’t therefore, no one can.

        It usually is. Learning is learning everything. Whether it be someone teaching you about their political views to try and help their cause, or anything else they might teach you. You don’t have to listen to them if you don’t want to. So why complain about it? It’s very very easy for you to get away from it. Everything’s filling the TV? Computer. You can’t find something on YouTube that entertains you while not doing anything political? (which I doubt is likely) Try one of the billions of other sites out there, created for the very purpose of entertaining you in just about every way possible. STILL having trouble finding somewhere without politics? Take a walk in the country.

        You can’t shut them up, and you don’t have any right to. You can sit and whine about it all you want, but your not ganna. All of them think that their helping the world become a better place by doing what they’re doing and they all think that anyone that disagrees with them is ignorant. So you’re really just going to have to deal with their right to free speech. Sure it’s unfair that they have more of an audience for their speech, but life’s not fair.

        Carrot Top’s also an idiot. He couldn’t convince a grilled cheese sandwich into his mouth. Which is likely why he doesn’t try to convince anyone else.

        Also, on the topic of “There is NO God.” I support this blog post. I don’t think anyone can prove that, because you can’t prove an negative, but I don’t think that God exists, I’d like to see your statements on the matter.

      • Here’s the thing. If I pay a plumber for service and he suddenly starts blathering on about my wiring I’m going to be upset because I paid for plumbing to be done. I don’t value the opinion of a plumber on electrician’s work because a plumber isn’t an electrician.

        We pay these people to be controversial, to be funny, to be dramatic and satirical so there for I feel ripped off when someone who I support with cold hard cash or with ad revenue and they start to abuse our business relationship and start trying to pitch me something I’m not interested in.

  2. This metaphor is loose at best.

    Yes you may buy a DVD and it has satire and such, and then maybe on of the actors decides to go off and start doing a political or religious tirade, you can change the channel. Turn it off. It’s as simple as that.

    You don’t want the plumber telling you what’s up with the wireing? You tell him you do not wish to hear it. “Shut up. Do the plumbing.”

    He can still tell others about the wiring if they want to hear it from them, but you don’t want to, so he doesn’t.

    I rarely find Videos or DVD’s or TV programs or anything as such that doesn’t allow you to turn it off when there’s something on there that you’re not interesting in hearing.

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