Civilization Comes to Facebook in 2010

Building_exterior_with_ee66Sid Meier could very well be the messiah of video games on social networking platforms. Cnet reported October 22, 2009 that the creator of the god game series Civilization will be porting his series over to Facebook some time in 2010. This is big news because as I said last month Facebook game developers tend to treat their audience like mindless meat-bags ready to dispense coin whenever prompted. Should this prove a successful venture, which I hope it will but I think it won’t necessarily explode at first, but it will show that AAA titles have a place within main streamĀ  social networking applications.

Check out Civilization Revolution and all the other Civilization titles if you’ve never heard of it. A very successful series on all accounts.

Caught this article over at Apparently EA is jumping into the social network gaming biz as well.


One thought on “Civilization Comes to Facebook in 2010

  1. I love these games …. if this was on Facebook, I would actually PAY for it. I’m not going to pay for the right to click a few buttons and watch a bar go up though.

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