Bioware’s Social Networking Site.

0000306409In what will invariable seem to some as an attempt to cash in on the social networking craze, EA- Bioware has unveiled their own social networking site. The question is are they too late to get in and is it enough?

The biggest no-no I see so far is there’s no option to integrate any other social networking services. I thought I had seen a Facebook button but if I did I can’t find it again so if anyone can find it, point it out. I find that move to be an odd one coming from a company that’s made a name for itself designing software where the goal is to move through a story while building up a character over time. So what does Bioware do? They ask the new user to start from scratch and start a whole new online identity using only in game photos from their newly, and very cool, released character creator for Dragon Age: Origins. dragonageoriginslogoThen on top of that you’re currently unable to link your Bioware social networking site to any other social media site. Weak Bioware, weak.

For the most part they did an OK job. They through in some bells and whistles like blog posting. Granted, it’s a very shallow utility and will mostly result as a rant room for the majority of users. It doesn’t include things in blogs that anyone who’s looked into blogging is probably accustomed to seeing like embedding images.

Can they improve it? Absolutely! They’re safe for now because they through on the safety net “Beta” tag which prevents anyone from really getting angry with them for lacking features. They had really better look at the purpose of a social network though, connectivity. Without being able to update anyone who cares about what’s going on with me from a mobile device via Twitter the only thing they’re creating currently is a complex game site. With no online play listed for Dragon Age: Origins yet it’s somewhat confusing what players are expected to want to use the social networking site for?

 Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz In 'I Love Lucy'

“You got some splainin to dooooo Bioware!”


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