Leapster and Other Children’s Gaming Devices.

It comes in pink?!

So I’m about to go and buy another one to the dismay of my wallet. Here’s the problem. If you’re going to make a product for small children, shouldn’t it be nearly indestructible?!

Kids are rough on anything they own and to peddle a device to them and not make it able to stand up to practically anything you might as well have a letter to the parents where you, the company laugh at them for what they have just gotten themselves into.

They break stuff, it happens.

They break stuff, it happens.

I live in a house with computers and an 8 year old with a Nintendo DS. Of course the 4 year old will see this and want to do it! The answer, apparently, is this Leapster 2. Now normally I would sing it’s praises but the fact that it relies on a stylus should have been my first clue of a possible lack of durability. But there in lies the caveat. What else is there that resembles a handheld gaming platform that’s marketed towards very small children? The answer? Nothing. Nothing of any substance anyway.

It comes in pink?!

It comes in pink?!

If you’re child’s must have is a video game of their very own or if you like video games and want to get your kids into one the Leapster 2 is really awesome, just turns out it’s not as kid proof as it deserves to be.

I’ll add that there are other devices out there for small children 4-8 but seeing as we already have games for this there really is no reason to change platforms now is there?


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