The Suggested User List: Does it mean anything?

DunceSo a few days ago I was talking to my old friend Dave from about social media. Twitter came up and we were both commenting on the upsurge of followers and how they may or may not be bots. The idea came into my head that in the near future, “Will the numbers game really matter in terms of followers on Twitter?”

Here’s the scenario; popular user guy has 96,000 followers through his Twitter account and wants people to notice him. He really has a lot to say about his business but he’s noticing the message just isn’t getting out to all 96 thousand of these people when he tweets about big news.

The problem is the Twitter user base isn’t all rabidly consuming users posts every single day. Sure, there’s a ton of users and more coming along for the ride everyday but there’s a lot to be lost in the shuffle. Such as, the direct marketing scammers have moved in and set up shop as users with cute photos and next to no tweets. So you’ve got to be acknowledging that, yes, while you may have X number of subscribers, followers, whatever… What power does that really have without them willingly coming back and going out of their way to see what you personally have to say.

The great thing about “Socialnomics” is that it’s the single most powerful potential source to build a direct relationship of sorts with the people you want to talk to. There’s almost nothing to it as these are the people you would attract naturally through normal situations, such as talking to “Bob” around the water cooler.

Do we really want Twitter to point us out to new users as the popular kid in school? Or are we cool enough to know that we draw a crowd all by ourselves and that our friends will do all the name dropping we need to find other like minded individuals? I’m hoping it’s the latter.


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