scribblenautsHow has no one been talking about this?! It got some attention at E3 but since then it’s fallen off the proverbial radar. This game looks incredbile! Here’s the quick and dirty premise, you play as, actually it doesn’t matter who you play as. The wow factor here is that to solve puzzles you write in a word and the game creates what you tell it to!
Don’t believe me? Check this out from IGN via Youtube:

I applaud Scribblenauts developer 5thCell on the design, really amazing, but Warner Brothers Games needs to learn to tie all the marketing strings together. They have a Facebook account, it’s pretty standard fair as far as Facebook accounts go, but why didn’t I know about it?! The only thing that brought me to it was a conversation about birthday presents I had today with my girlfriend which sparked a memory.

They have a commercial cut, it plays as soon as you log into the official website. I only found out they have a Facebook page by Google searching and seeing it linked on the home page. I guess that WB Games isn’t worried about the recession and is counting on more strong holiday sales more so than a strong opening. Question I have is how do you get a strong sale over the holidays without a strong opening? I have an 8 year old in and out of my house who loves video games, he’s not talking about it. I’m an avid reader of, no banner ads or wallpaper ads or promotional preview articles. Seems like WB Games is hoping that the E3 video cements itself into our memories. Luckily I remembered and if you don’t have a DS or are on the fence perhaps this will be the push that gets you one. I know I’m going to be interested in stealing , borrowing the DS from that 8 year old so I can have a try.


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